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Our Mission

ur mission is to make the world’s leading medical and diagnostic brands available to health-care providers and patients throughout Zambia at affordable prices.

o achieve this, we have partnered with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies to supply the original inventor’s brands of medical products to retail pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and healthcare providers throughout Zambia. We will continue to seek strategic partners who research and develop new products in order to provide a continuous supply of cutting-edge, top-quality medical products to our customers and end users – the patients. We realize that to achieve our goals, we must have a cohesive organization that complies.

ith local and international regulations and employs qualified people who are customer focused, efficient and committed. We understand the value of investing in our employees to ensure all members of staff are properly trained, both in handling the medicines they sell and in providing high-quality, attentive, and swift responses to customer-service requests. We also appreciate the importance of storing all our products according to prescribed standards and of delivering products to our end-users in the exact conditions n which those products left the manufacturing process, wherever in the world.

We will also make new investments and plough back our reserves, continuously modernising our infrastructure to ensure that these life saving medicines are always housed in up-to-date, purpose-designed warehouses and transported in dedicated vehicles under optimal conditions to our customers.

We understand that to achieve our mission, we must operate efficiently to deliver products to any part of the country at the lowest possible cost. We are committed to monitoring every product we have supplied to our customers to ensure that, should there be any adverse reaction or complaint, we will be able to recall and replace such products at no extra cost. We supply and deliver all our medicines with the manufacturer’s original warrant.

We must also be responsible to the communities in which we live and work, and operate as good corporate citizens; we will continue to support deserving charities, provide for the retirement of our employees, and to ensure compliance with all tax and regulatory requirements. We will always act responsibly and diligently when we dispose of any chemical or medicine in order to protect our valuable environment.

We also must be responsible to our shareholders, ensuring reasonable profits to sustain our services to our customers, and providing adequate reserves for the company’s future development.