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Excellence in ………

At Sterelin, we believe that every member of staff in every department, and irrespective of position, has to be first and foremost marketing and customer-service oriented.

e will excel in satisfying our consumers, treating each customer, large or small, attentively and providing all customers with swift responses to inquiries, complaints, or concerns. Our sales team is trained and committed to providing exceptional and professional service to our consumers.

Formerly known as Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority (PRA) and our principals in the following areas:

  • Ensuring that all activities that occur within the life span of a drug meet all legal standards, i.e. –from the time import orders are made to the time the drug is released on to the market.

  • Ensuring that all the pharmaceutical products that we import are registered with the PRA

  • Obtaining import permits from the PRA for all medicine imports after submission of Proforma Invoices and Screening Fees to the PRA.

  • Ensuring that all our principals renew marketing authorisation for the products they wish to retain at the beginning of each

Our Sales Team

Excellence in ………

  • We will deliver all orders door –to- door, anywhere in the country.

  • We will deliver all orders within 24 hours within the capital city and within five days anywhere in Zambia.

  • We will send a response, where appropriate, within two working days, and we will reply in writing within three working days of receipt of any complaint or concern.

  • We will provide our customers with replacement or alternative products or monetary refund in instances of proven defects in product supplied by us.

  • We offer the manufacturer’s original guarantee and warrant for every product that you have purchased from us.

  • In some cases, where there is an official Adverse Events Reaction filed, you will be asked to return the product (at our expense) so that we can forward such products to our manufacturers.

  • We will always provide proper installation, training and after-sales service on any equipment purchased from us, and we will ensure that all equipment is kept in good working order.

  • We understand the value of investing in our employees to ensure all members of staff are properly trained, both in handling the medicines they sell and in providing high-quality, attentive, and swift responses to customer-service requests. In this regard, our employees undergo continuous training, both in house and overseas.

  • We provide a friendly and professional working environment for all out staff, and encourage feed back about our customer’s views and concern from out Sales staff to continuously improve our service.

  • We will work diligently to understand your needs to ensure that we deliver products that satisfy your individual requirements