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Our Employees

Our employees’ contributions lie at the very core of our success. We are an equal opportunity organization and will endeavour at all times to recruit, select and place employees on merit without regard to sex, race, marital status, religion, political opinion or affiliation, tribal extraction or social status.

e are responsible to all of our employees regardless of their positions. We consider every employee as an individual, and respect their dignity and recognize their merit. We understand the value of rewarding our employees adequately for their contributions. We recognize that employees with a high level of job satisfaction are in the best position to provide top-quality service to our company and to our customers. We believe in equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified and suitable in their respective fields, and in investing in our employees to ensure all members of staff are properly trained in their fields of specialty, both in handling the medicines they sell and in providing high-quality, attentive, and professional service to our to customers.

Sterelin currently employs 82 people in seven divisions—Marketing, Sales, Merchandising, Finance, Administration, Warehousing and Logistics and Medical Equipment & Diagnostics.