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Our Code Of Conduct

ur policies provide that all Sterelin employees and associates must conduct all business in a lawful and ethical manner, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of Zambia and international regulatory bodies. Our code of conduct prohibits us from making, promising, or authorizing the making of a corrupt payment or providing anything of value to a government official to induce that official to make any governmental act or decision to assist our company in obtaining or retaining business. It also prohibits us from using another company or individual to engage in any of the foregoing activities.

ll our workers are encouraged to report concerns or illegal activities in the workplace, without threat of reprisal, intimidation or harassment. We prohibit our management to make any payments to government officials or to offer governmental officials any item or benefit, regardless of value, as an improper inducement for such governmental official to approve, reimburse, prescribe, or purchase or grant or award a contract or to influence the outcome of a tender evaluation, or otherwise improperly to benefit Sterelin’s business activities.

e will not make any payments or inducements to political candidates, legislators, parties or governmental officials or employees, whether local or national. Our code of conduct extends to the company’s responsibility to the employees. Disciplinary action will not be taken against an employee until the employee has been given an opportunity to exculpate him/her self, and the employee has the right to full disclosure of information.

terelin will operate as a responsible corporate citizen. We will do everything we can to operate in a manner that is sustainable – economically, socially and environmentally – to promote the long-term success of our enterprise and all of its stakeholders. In return we expect all strategic partners and third parties with whom we work to comply with the law and to adhere to ethical business practices.